The Unexpected Book Tour

Singapore’s an old haunt of mine, but I’ve been away for years. I planned a visit there, and as a courtesy, let my publisher, John Wiley, know I was coming. Would I be willing to do some meetings, they asked.

Of course.

At the AmCham presentation

At the AmCham presentation

They took that and ran with it. They set up interviews with Bloomberg. Channel News Asia. Business Times. And they arranged for me to make a presentation at the American Chamber of Commerce. Amcham was expecting about 20 people; they got an audience of 55. That was as many as they could fit into the room.

I was enormously impressed.

John Wiley have done a marvelous job with the book, too, a few editing glitches aside. It’s easy to read, sturdy, and eye-catching.

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  1. Aasha says:

    Wow! John Wiley seems terrific! And it makes great business sense to do this anyway!

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