An Interview with Beijing Radio

A few days ago, I got a surprise e-mail. ” I’m working with China Radio International in Beijing,” said the writer. She had a copy of my book, India Business Checklists, and quite enjoyed reading it.  “I’m doing a radio program in the run up to the G20 summit, and curious to know if i could have the honor to invite you to join my show sharing with our listeners some of your thoughts—”

Sure. It would be my honor.

So I’ve just done an interview for China Radio International.

“The program will go on air next Tuesday” [i.e., 7 April ’09] they told me, and “you can always listen to it on the Internet…” Click the CRI logo for a link.

We talked about how India is still looking at 4-5% growth this year, down from 9% it’s true, but still positive. We talked about India’s pragmatic fiscal and monetary management. (I think the Reserve Bank of India does a pretty good job of what must be one of the world’s toughest assignments, managing inflation, growth and keeping a reasonably stable rupee.)

And I said I was surprised to find that the information in my book was still relevant – in some ways, even more than when I wrote it. The only major change is that the labor market is not nearly as tight as it was in the first half of 2008 when I wrote it.

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