Shrunk world

I am currently doing some projects for IMA Asia, which is based in Sydney – halfway across the world from me. They send me the material, I work on it and send it back. It’s a great arrangment, made easier because my client is someone I’ve worked with before. Still, I’ve never met anyone else on the team.

One of IMA Asia’s associates liked what I was doing, wondered if I could do some work for them, and wanted to set up a phone call. He was busy. I was busy. We finally set up a time… and then started talking about the time difference. That’s when he realized I wasn’t in Sydney.

I couldn’t help thinking, Wow! Fifteen years ago, this would not have been happening. I love how the internet and telecommunications are shrinking the world.

I also love e-mail – it’s the easiest way to deal with time differences and busy schedules.

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I'm an international Business Consultant; author of "India Business Checklists" published by John Wiley
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