Air India Rage

We’re all used to reading about air rage. Passengers get drunk or angry or just plain lose control, and start fights with other passengers and the cabin crew. Air India (the nation’s state-owned airline) has improved on this.

Fly vs. Fly

Recently, on a flight from Sharjah, the pilots mixed it up with members of the cabin crew. According to reports, it came to a mid-air fistfight. Over Pakistan. There’s something symbolic there…

“At one stage,” says IndiaTVNews, “the cockpit was unmanned, as the crew was busy fighting outside.”


I really hope someone got pictures. Ahem. (Trying to be professional here.)

This is a reminder that India’s infrastructure problems include not just the physical plant, but also some management and training issues. This incident comes on top of a pilots’ strike on issues of pay. For now, the people involved have been “derostered” until an investigation is completed.

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