India: Market of the Month

It’s nice to have the spotlight turned on India by the US Government’s, which has chosen India as its Market of the Month, right behind China, which was its ‘market of the month’ in September 09.

US flag Indian flag’s profile on India suggests a number of sectors as presenting opportunities for US firms:

  1. Civil Nuclear Energy
  2. Renewable Energy Aerospace and Defense
  3. Mining and Coal
  4. Safety and Security industry
  5. Healthcare
  6. Retail: Beauty and Personal Care
  7. Franchising
  8. Automotive

And, fortuitously, lists these upcoming events :

(The registration deadline was Aug 09)

It’s all good. India’s made up of opportunities.

Well, not quite. The attractiveness of the market is undeniable; India and China are unsaturated markets, and currently, oases of positive growth. But India shouldn’t be perceived as a short-term opportunity by any company; that way madness lies.

Companies need to tread carefully. Promotional pieces like this one, which can encourage unprepared companies to rush in (“The world’s business is coming to India, are YOU?“) were one reason I figured a really pragmatic book of checklists was needed. Take a look; it’s here on Amazon, which has finally at long last added the “Look Inside” and “Surprise Me” functions. If you have a business interest in India, this may be a good starting point. India, like the universe, is not only more complex than most companies imagine, it’s more complex than they can imagine.

As I noted when I wrote India Business Checklists, it’s the kind of market that needs a practical approach to dealing with the the good, the bad and the very complicated.

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