A Different Disney Product

All the buzz right now is about The Princess and the Frog, the new Disney movie using old techniques and starring an African-American princess.

But today, I came across a completely different Disney product:

disney spinach

I was curious about this strange brand extension, so I looked online. It turns out that Disney diversified into veggies back in 2006, after ending its Happy Meals contract with McDonalds. They’re marketed through Imagination Farms, based in Indianapolis. And of course it’s not just spinach, it’s avocados and broccoli and oranges and persimmons and lots of other fruit and vegetables.

Good move. The company is staying ahead of the great junk food debate.

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1 Response to A Different Disney Product

  1. Anyta says:

    Great way to introduce and encourage kids to eat more greens, Rupa.
    Will look for it in our supermarkets here and suggest the product to mums with fussy offspring.

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