Do-Not-Call me, Dish Network!

Dish Network called me. Yet again.

My numbers have been on the US National “Do Not Call” registry since mid-August 2008. Enough time, one would think, for the idea to sink in and for the numbers to work their way through the system. Instead, I’ve received perhaps a hundred calls from Dish Network. The conversation predictably goes like this:

Them: Hello ma’am, this is “Someone” calling from “Somedum Corp” for Dish Network. (From the accent, I can tell the call is from an Indian call center. I feel bad for the youngsters who are doing their jobs. So I’m polite.)
Me: I’m not really interested, and you know, my number is on the Do Not Call registry.
Them: I’m sorry Ma’am, I didn’t know.
Me:  But I say this every time you guys call. How is it still on your list? Please take my number off the list.
Them: Yes Ma’am, we don’t make the lists, ma’am. I’ll tell my supervisor.

And, predictably, there will be another call. The record was the day they managed to call three times within 4 hours.
So I searched the Internet a bit, and found the FTC sued Dish Network in March 2009 for violating DNC norms. In Aug 2009, two of its authorized dealers settled with the FTC. The case against Dish itself apparently continues. I presume for the present, nothing prevents them from moving on to new dealers and new violations.

I also found that you can get yourself placed on Dish Network’s Internal Do Not Call list. (Apparently a national registry is just too impersonal. Though the impersonal registry was able to instantly confirm that my numbers were indeed still registered.)

Except they want your full street address. I can see what would follow. Junk mail. Who knows, perhaps some hardworking earnest person will even show up right at my door with “Ma’am, I am representing Dish Network.”

They did provide a phone number to call, and I’ve done so; the automated system claimed to have placed my number on their list. Now let’s see if the calls stop.

Excerpt from Dish Network's Do-Not-Call Policy (color added)

I’m not exactly optimistic. Their own policy (revised May 2009 and available as a PDF here) suggests that the recent call should never have happened; I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve asked their Representatives to remove my number from their list.

[Edited to Add: My concerns were justified. Today, 13 April 2010,  they called again… see the Comments.]

[ETA 2: I’m keeping track of the calls… see Guess Who Called Me?]

Dish Network, if you’re listening, Don’t Call us, we’ll call you. Maybe.

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8 Responses to Do-Not-Call me, Dish Network!

  1. vinty says:

    Rupa, thanks for the Dish Network info. We’re sick and tired of getting calls from them–and hundreds of other desis calling to sell us long distance phone services and God knows what else. I’ve filed dozens of complaints with the FTC but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Sigh.

  2. webmaster says:

    And wouldn’t you know it? They called me again, not 5 minutes ago. – Rupa

    • webmaster says:

      And, within minutes of my telling them we were on the Do Not Call List (again), they called YET AGAIN. The young man said he was calling from Maryland, from Dish Network’s Promotions Department. So I told him, too, that we were DNC’d.

      At this rate, we will have told *everyone* at Dish Network we’re on Do Not Call. – Rupa

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  5. Sujatha says:

    Thanks for the info. We just received two calls in 10 minutes. They say they are calling from Denver. Looks like nothing much can be done… Sujatha

  6. Sampath Parthasarathy says:

    They keep calling me (the last one was about 5 minutes back). I just tried to register in their “do not call” list-I got the message, “you are already on our no call list”!

  7. gaurav says:

    Rupa, they have been calling us as well, and I am thinking I will now either curse at them in chaste hindi (but these kids are not to blame, plus my family would over-hear), or maybe I will start chatting with them to waste their time…there has to be a way to get Dish network to stop these irritating calls.

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