Interview for India Abroad

Soon after the IIM USA event organized by Ashima Jain, I got an email connecting me with the newspaper India Abroad. I’ve been familiar with that publication for over twenty years now, so I was flattered when it turned out reporter Shalini Narang wanted to interview me about my book, India, and what I do.  She did a thorough and professional job.

Here’s a clipping of the interview (click twice to view it larger), and here’s a link to the article in India Abroad.

(One little correction – my first job was in Mumbai – then Bombay – not Kolkata. I haven’t ever actually worked in Kolkata!)

Edited to add: Quite separately, a friend told me she’d seen my picture in the Indian Express, and saved me a copy. It turned out to be a good article on the IIM USA meeting, with a lot of Carol Sands’ wisdom reported. It’s at the bottom of the post “Making Things Happen.

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