Air India and the Pyramids

Last October, I posted a story about Air India flight attendants getting into a mid-air fist-fight. Today’s post is (I think) less egregious, but even more amusing.

According to a report in the Mumbai paper Mid-Day, it all started during the great volcanic flight disruption, when the Icelandic volcano spewed enough ash to halt or muddle air traffic across Europe for several days. In the process, an Air India flight bound for Canada via Frankfurt got diverted to Cairo.

The opportunity presented itself, the temptation was overwhelming. The crew went to see the pyramids.

I’ve seen the pyramids and they are awe-inspiring and mind-boggling in scale. (In the picture, the little patch below the plane’s left eye is actually a huge gateway.)  So I understand the feeling.  But…

But the plane with pilot and passengers waited for the sightseeing crew. Sixteen hours, according to one account; five according to another.

Air India admits the incident and promises “stern action”. One of these days, it’s going to find itself on Saturday Night Live.

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