Hellloooo? Kitty!

My daughter went through a Hello Kitty phase, so I’m quite familiar with the stationery, the coin purses, the toilet bags, the jewelry, the paper plates and party stuff. It’s cute and harmless. You might say I’m a fan.

Just not that kind of  Hello Kitty fan.

I spotted it in Roppongi recently. After a bit of googling, I also found a range of interesting Kitty-themed kitchen products – including a toaster that burns the Kitty-face onto the toast (Hello Kitty, you’re toast?), a waffle iron, and an ice maker.

And, it seems, a tailpipe. (Via Boing Boing)

kawaii des, ne?

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2 Responses to Hellloooo? Kitty!

  1. stephy says:

    hi where did u get the hello kitty fan cover? tq =)

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