Sarees, bottles, airplanes…

… all from Toray. It’s a bit mind-boggling.

Eons ago, whenever you went overseas from India, people wanted you to bring back synthetic sarees, specifically something called a Toray 644 or a 755.  They had a better drape than the slippery versions available in India.

So the other day, when the ANA cabin attendant gave me a water bottle, and it said TORAY on it, it gave me a warm sense of nostalgia. Until I read it more carefully.

TORAY CARBON FIBER, it said. “The new Boeing 787 is mostly built with with Toray carbon fiber composite materials… The new Boeing 787 is ready to take off!

[Taking a minute to contemplate artificial materials, as versatile as wood.

And companies that don’t stick to their knitting.]

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