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Airtel Me No More Lies

I’m staying in a family apartment in Bangalore, where we use Airtel for everything – our landline, our phone instrument, the Broadband connection. IT STARTED WITH THE INTERNET The first sign of trouble was an email from Airtel, warning us … Continue reading

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Internet and Wedding Plans

I’ve been away for a while from this blog, and I have an excuse. Our daughter got married. Not that it’s that much of an excuse; she and her fiance (now husband) planned everything themselves, occasionally delegating operational details to … Continue reading

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The Virus Warriors Ride Again

Back in January 2010, I wrote about the virus-warriors of Chennai — Microsoft’s Consumer Security Support team. Yesterday, I had occasion to call them again. They’re still awesome, though the phone access isn’t as good as last year. (And they’re … Continue reading

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Delhi Airport: The Good, the Bad and the Mucked Up

A couple of years ago when I wrote my book, I mentioned that Indian airports were small and old, not exactly an international experience. Well, Delhi’s got a shiny new airport, and that’s where I landed recently, and also departed … Continue reading

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A US Cellphone in India

Recently, I was planning a trip to India, and a crucial issue came up: How was I to stay connected? Would my US cellphone work in India? I’d hadĀ uneven results on earlier trips, and used a patchwork of solutions (usually … Continue reading

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Technology like chocolate: An Internet Christmas

We keep Christmas, even though we’re not Christian. India’s the land of festivals, and I grew up believing it’s vital to celebrate — and that it’s easier to get in the mood when all around you is festive. Especially for … Continue reading

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Air India and the Pyramids

Last October, I posted a story about Air India flight attendants getting into a mid-air fist-fight. Today’s post is (I think) less egregious, but even more amusing. According to a report in the Mumbai paper Mid-Day, it all started during … Continue reading

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