Some past projects:

– The Ranked Choice Voting Project for HCDC
– Evaluating outsourcing possibility for a major US firm
– Financial plan for a biotechnology company in Singapore
– Three-year plan for a Cambodian charitable organization
– Evaluating the impact of deregulation on the US telecom sector
– Market research for a new technology product for a US defense supplier

– Advised companies on business and political risk in India, Sri Lanka, S. Asia
– Entry strategies for Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka
– Assisted company to reposition itself in the Indian market
– Exit strategies for US and European companies in India
– Partner selection studies for US firms doing business in India

– Asian Strategy papers for IMA Asia

– Various projects for Universal Giving, an international web-enabled philanthropic organization


Past clients included such firms as Abbot Labs, Astra,
Australian Telecom, Bajaj Auto, BHP, Bharat Forge,
Birla Brothers, Cargill, ETS, Housing Conservation &
Development Corp, Hewlett Packard, JK Organization,
Kirloskars, Motorola, Phillips, Pepsico, Rank Xerox,
R.J. Reynolds, Shri Ram Group.