Currently working with IMA Asia on Asian strategy papers; and on a project with Universal Giving, an international web-enabled philanthropic organization.

Projects completed include:

– The Ranked Choice Voting Project for HCDC
– Evaluating outsourcing possibility for a major US firm
– Financial plan for a biotechnology company in Singapore
– Three-year plan for a Cambodian charitable organization
– Evaluating the impact of deregulation on the US telecom sector
– Market research for a new technology product for a US defense supplier

– Advised companies on business and political risk in India, Sri Lanka, S. Asia
– Entry strategies for Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka
– Assisted company to reposition itself in the Indian market
– Exit strategies for US and European companies in India
– Partner selection studies for US firms doing business in India


Past clients included such firms as Abbot Labs, Astra,
Australian Telecom, Bajaj Auto, BHP, Bharat Forge,
Birla Brothers, Cargill, ETS, Housing Conservation &
Development Corp, Hewlett Packard, JK Organization,
Kirloskars, Motorola, Phillips, Pepsico, Rank Xerox,
R.J. Reynolds, Shri Ram Group.