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2014 India Corruption: Modi Effect?

Last year, when I wrote about Corruption Perceptions, I said: I’ll be very interested to see if the new government in India significantly affects corruption perceptions in the next survey. The 2014 data are available, and it’s had an effect. How … Continue reading

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Surprise for 2013: Corruption in India, China, US and Myanmar

I was browsing the Transparency International website, and realized they have their 2013 data up. This organization tracks corruption, and each year they make a ‘Corruption Perceptions Index’ across 175-180 or so countries. For 2013, it was 177 countries. This … Continue reading

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Corruption Perceptions

Transparency International‘s (TI) anually updated Corruption Perceptions Index covers 180 countries, give or take a few. In 2012, it ranked 176 countries. In the last few years, I’ve been following its scoring for India, and more particularly, whether perceived corruption … Continue reading

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A Legal Can of Worms

There’s a proposal to change India’s tax laws regarding foreign acquisitions… going back, retrospectively, to April 1962. That’s probably before some of the people dealing with the consequences were even born. THE BACKSTORY I’ve been reporting here about the Vodafone … Continue reading

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Vodafone vs Indian Tax Department… Finally, a Win

So the saga seems to have ended. Vodafone’s foreign transactions were truly foreign, India’s Supreme Court says. That’s $2.7 billion the company doesn’t have to pay. Those who’ve been following this blog might remember the story. THE VODAFONE BACKSTORY Hong … Continue reading

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India: A Telling Corruption Study

Transparency International (TI) has published their annual survey of corruption perceptions — how corrupt various countries are perceived to be. As usual, India does not fare well. What’s particularly disturbing, though, is what the data now reveals. TI publishes two … Continue reading

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India: The “Ease” of Doing Business (World Bank Rank)

I’ve just started to update my book on doing business in India, and I came across this statement: In 2008, The World Bank ranked India as 120th out of 178 countries in the difficulty of doing business. At that, its … Continue reading

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Updating ‘India Business Checklists’

The rights to India Business Checklists — published in 2009 by John Wiley — have reverted to me. (Thanks, JW!) A lot has changed since I researched it in 2008. A lot more is likely to keep changing in India … Continue reading

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The Virus Warriors Ride Again

Back in January 2010, I wrote about the virus-warriors of Chennai — Microsoft’s Consumer Security Support team. Yesterday, I had occasion to call them again. They’re still awesome, though the phone access isn’t as good as last year. (And they’re … Continue reading

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Delhi Airport: The Good, the Bad and the Mucked Up

A couple of years ago when I wrote my book, I mentioned that Indian airports were small and old, not exactly an international experience. Well, Delhi’s got a shiny new airport, and that’s where I landed recently, and also departed … Continue reading

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