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Updating ‘India Business Checklists’

The rights to India Business Checklists — published in 2009 by John Wiley — have reverted to me. (Thanks, JW!) A lot has changed since I researched it in 2008. A lot more is likely to keep changing in India … Continue reading

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The Virus Warriors Ride Again

Back in January 2010, I wrote about the virus-warriors of Chennai — Microsoft’s Consumer Security Support team. Yesterday, I had occasion to call them again. They’re still awesome, though the phone access isn’t as good as last year. (And they’re … Continue reading

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Delhi Airport: The Good, the Bad and the Mucked Up

A couple of years ago when I wrote my book, I mentioned that Indian airports were small and old, not exactly an international experience. Well, Delhi’s got a shiny new airport, and that’s where I landed recently, and also departed … Continue reading

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India’s Population: Explosion and Demographic Dividend

Recently, my friend Bhaswati Mukherjee, the Indian Ambassador to the Netherlands, sent me a copy of a speech she made.   “You may find it of interest,” she wrote. I did. Bhaswati and I are old friends; we  were at school … Continue reading

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Asia: Upward Wage Pressure

There’s an atmosphere of uncertainty, even gloom, about employment in the US. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in California for September 2010 was  12.4% and there’s no immediate sign of improvement. So the document that landed in my email box … Continue reading

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A New Symbol for the Rupee

For decades, India has represented its currency, the Rupee with “Re” for Re 1 or “Rs” (for multiple rupees). Other sources clarified it to things like “INR”;  after all, the Rupee is the currency of several South Asian countries including … Continue reading

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New Reporting Rules for Indian Companies

ETA: Update in the next post. ——————– New reporting rules for Indian companies look reasonable, but may have unintended consequences. Reuters reports that the Securities and Exchange Board of India, better known as SEBI, recently changed the reporting requirements for … Continue reading

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