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Pinnacle Conference 2014 – IIM Alumni

Every year, IIM Americas, the alumni organization for the 13 Indian Institutes of Management, holds an annual conference.  My husband Ambi and I generally try to go. (We were classmates; he’s an alum too.) The organization’s come a long way … Continue reading

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MBA Women and IIM

At the IIM USA meet at Pinnacle Point, I asked a question of Professor Samir Barua, Director of IIM/Ahmedabad, about women students.  Back when I was there, I said, I was one of 8 women amid a class of 110 … Continue reading

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IIM USA: Pinnacle at Coyote Point

I spent most of last Saturday at the Coyote Point Yacht Club, not sailing but attending the IIM USA annual convention.  Airplanes came in to land over a seascape of moored boats; the San Mateo Bridge stretched into the distance. … Continue reading

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Interview for India Abroad

Soon after the IIM USA event organized by Ashima Jain, I got an email connecting me with the newspaper India Abroad. I’ve been familiar with that publication for over twenty years now, so I was flattered when it turned out … Continue reading

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Making Things Happen

I’ve been thinking about people who make things happen. Specifically, I’d like to mention Ashima Jain, and Carol Sands. The IIMs (Indian Institutes of Management) are India’s leading business schools.  Many alums – an estimated 2,000 of us – are … Continue reading

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